Quality Control

MartinoRossi SpA adopted a strict quality control policy for its product, in complete accordance with the HACCP guidelines. Internal audits are always carried on for a continuous improvement, thanks to the support of external certification authorities.

Our Certifications

Research, Development and Sustainability

MartinoRossi is currently investing on a wide series of projects for Protein Flours and Low Glycemic Index products. Innovative project are supported by a well developed know-how starting from the selection of the appositely chosen varieties. Thanks to its experience and the implementation of ideas coming from independent researchers, it can turn their experiments in new opportunities directly with its plants.

MartinoRossi Farm

MartinoRossi Farm is an experimental family belonging to the Rossi family, composed by a 50 has surface with a modern sub-irrigation system.

The best seeds varieties are then tested, always keeping an eye on the sustainability of production in total respect of the environment (Water Footprint).

The company is also engaged in crop pest management, using the most innovative techniques and using drones for the spreading of natural antagonists, rather than using traditional chemical treatments.