MartinoRossi SpA

Who We Are

MartinoRossi SpA is a private Italian company, founded by Martino Rossi in the early ‘50s, now in its third generation, the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. Thanks to its 70 years’ experience, the company has become a referring supplier for flours, semi-processed products and functional ingredients of gluten free pulses and cereals, with no allergens and GMOs.

MartinoRossi in the World

MartinoRossi SpA has two plants in Italy, one in Lombardy and one in Tuscany, for the production of gluten free cereals and legumes with no allergens. It also operates through the HunZea Supply Chain Zrt, its twin company in Hungary, with a storage facility for Gluten-Free cereals. In 2018 MartinoRossi America Inc., and its distribution platform were also established.

Our Story

A young Martino Rossi, coming from a family of farmers, focuses on agricultural products. He buys a shed and starts a successful activity in logistics for cereals and milk. Starting from this, Martino also starts to trading tools, from corn hybrid seeds to plant protection products and fertilizer. He becomes an agriculture innovator and pioneer, endorsing and helping agricultural holdings and farms.

1988 is a turning point. Martino and his sons found Cerealicola Rossi Srl. The first drying, cleaning, selection and storage plants for the raw materials are built, along with the collecting and management of the agricultural productions. 1994 is another important year, as the first channelled system for alimentary corn is established.

The big leap takes place in 2001, from trading agricultural products to producing flouring with a channeled system. With the building of the first wet milling plant and the constant application of a know-how, an important share of the European market is achieved in a very few years. Thanks to this important growth, the production capacity of the wet milling and the warehousing for the raw materials is increased.

All gluten and soy products are removed, and the entire production starts to focus on gluten free pulses and cereals flours, with no allergens and GMOs.

HunZea Supply Chain Zrt is founded in Hungary. This new company features its own preliminary processing plant for gluten free, allergen free and no GMO based cereals. HunZea signs a series of sectoral agreements with local farmers, developing an exclusive variety of corns according to the MartinoRossi product specifications, guaranteeing a constant supply of cereals.

Thanks to a favorable market and the strict monitoring of the supply chains, production capacity and warehousing for the finished products are further increased. In this years is built the first heat treatment system plant for the production of heat-treated gluten free pulses and cereals flours, featuring no allergens and GMOs is also built.

Thanks to paying constant attention to the territory, farmers and the well.being, the first supply chains for pulses are implemented.
The first pulses flours, high in fibers and proteins are finally produced, and the second cooking facility is also built.

CerealicolaRossi Srl becomes MartinoRossi SpA. The name is a tribute to its founder Martino, while vision and mission stay the same, as well as the passion and commitment the family puts into the business. A new Corporate Governance to face the new challenges is also implemented. 2017 is the year of research and development, new flours based functional ingredients are created, in order to be closer to the industrial and consumers’ needs.

The company decides to invest in Tuscany, building a new collection center for the processing of the locally produced pulses, at the same time implementing investments for the production of gluten and allergens free pulses in the production site in Malagnino (CR). In order to better support the business, the internal lab is also expanding, featuring advanced state-of-the-art tools and a new structure for research and development.


The company can rely on internal storage for all raw materials in the supply chains. When harvested, all cereals and legumes coming from the fields are immediately sampled.

After a thorough analysis process (humidity, mycotoxins etc), if fitting, they are sent for the following phases of cleaning and drying, according to a specific process for gluten free cereals and pulses, with no allergens and no GMOs.


Out state-of-the-art refining facilities are able to work on any particle sizes and ensure total customer satisfaction. The Heat-Treatment plants enhance the potentials of the gluten free flours. A sophisticated mixing plant allows the creation of different mixes for different types of flours. Thanks to this processing plants, we can produce flours, semi-finished and functional gluten free ingredients to meet our customers’ needs.