Our Controlled
Supply Chain

Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Market analysis and supply chain planning

We carefully plan our controlled supply chain according to the market and our customers’ needs.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Cultivation Contracts with Farmers

Our technical department and its agronomists signs supply chain contracts directly with farmers.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Selection of Seeds

Thanks to our contact with the farmers, we provide seeds of selected varieties, to guarantee high quality flours.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Technical Assistance

Our agronomists support farmers throughout the entire phenological process, suggesting the best growing techniques and ensuring the respect of our guidelines.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Direct management of threshing and transportation

Threshing and transportation of raw materials rely on machines that work exclusively for our channelled system.
Every machine for threshing and transportation is carefully examined in order to ensure the total lack of gluten and soy contamination.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Drying, Selection, Cleaning and Warehousing

As the raw materials are collected in our facilities, they are analyzed for mycotoxins and contaminations. The suitable product then undergoes the first steps of processing, such as drying, selection and cleaning.
Controlled Supply Chain
Controlled Supply Chain

Grinding and Heat-Treatment

Raw materials are milled and turned into flours, half-finished products and Gluten Free, Allergen Free e GMO Free functional ingredients.
Our controlled supply chain is managed by a team of agronomists providing a constant technical assistance throughout the entire phenological steps, in order to guarantee the safety of the cultivations.


Our raw materials are fully trackable, as all of them are carefully entered into treatment files directly from the farmers. Every piece of land is also carefully traced using a sophisticated GPS satellite system.

Our Supply Chains



MartinoRossi SpA manages and controls 10,000 Has, thanks to its highly qualified agronomists.

Lombardy and Emilia Romagna

  • Cereals (yellow and white corn, sorghum, oatmeal…)
  • Legumi Legumes (chickpea, pea and bean)

Tuscany (Maremma Zone)

  • Conventional and organic chickpea

Apulia (Altamura Zone)

  • Lentil, pea and chickpea, both conventional and organic

The company created a supply chain in Hungary for Plata-type hybrids, suitable for the production of quality ingredients.

MartinoRossi SpA operates in Hungary since 2012, through Hunzea Supply Chain Zrt, a corporation managing several supply chains of corn in Transdanubia, West Hungary.

Just like MartinoRossi SpA, Hunzea operates according to DTP030 for GMO free products, and its traceability as a supply chain is ISO 22005 certified. Harvests end up in the Nagyatad facilities for drying and initial warehousing, then are transferred to Malagnino (CR) using dedicated means of transportation.

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